What people say about dermaPro Clinical Care?

JoDean was amazing! She listened extremely well and made great recommendations. I learned things about my skin that I did not know before and the facts about treating my skin. I will see you for my next treatment in two weeks as I signed up for a series !


I had a great experience with JoDean. She is very wise when it comes to skin care and she actually helped me and my husband (tough nut to crack), and my husband is still pleased with her advise and treatment. Always grateful!


I honestly feel very welcome at dermaPro Clinical Care. JoDean is very knowledgeable and willing to help. I know often times she is really busy but still tries her very best to accommodate me even when I was bit late for my appointment.


JoDean was outstanding and listened to my skincare concerns. She found products that specifically targeted my concerns. She is amazing and will definitely return for my series of peels every week.


JoDean was amazing with my facial today. I learned so much from her and added new skincare to improve my skin regimen. She was so knowledgeable and was so fun and you could tell she is passionate about what she does.


JoDean, you have given me so much knowledge and expertise regarding my skin. Thank you for your positive vibes, you’re amazing!


I am a total skeptic! But my word did JoDean prove me wrong. I had peels on a regular basis and absolutely loved our time together chatting but also the transformation of my skin. JoDean is so awesome and miss her terribly, but would recommend her and her products every day of the week. Hope to catch up in December when visit USA.

Diane Boorman

JoDean is my life saver. I was a acne suffer and she helped me and she changed my life I’m now confident and happy with my skin. No more shying or being ashamed. So thank you very much for helping me.

Natasha Millward

Hi I started going to JoDean for general skin treatment from 2013, She is a very knowledgeable and professional. I had a deep peel done by JoDean in 2014, all I can say is wow, I had a bit of discomfort and redness but when the old skin peeled away and all my pigmentation, and fine lines were gone beautiful plump clear skin appeared.. I am so sorry that she left South Africa but the US has gained a fantastic asset.

Ingrid Dubb Gasparre

JoDean is professional, very knowledgeable and does her job with care and love. The products work amazingly and will not break the bank. The most important things is that it REALLY works.

Karen Goncalves

This lady knows her business!! She created a plan that worked for me and my budget. I just wish I had been able to continue with the product and her excellent service. She creates an atmosphere that is warm and friendly – instantly putting you at ease, and making you feel fresh and beautiful after any treatment. I highly recommend JoDean – She is well qualified, and a wonderful person to boot!! All the Best. 🙂

Brenda Long Verhave

Super Happy with my results from  my peel. Quick healing and Jo was very Knowledgeable. Professional and Caring atmosphere and environment.

Delene metzler

I was introduced to chemical peels by JoDean and what a positive experience it has been so far! Most of the teenage sun damaged has been removed and my skin looks so much more even and brighter. And her products are great and affordable! I miss her in South Africa. She is a great lady and has this energy surrounding her that makes you almost enjoy the chemical peel…;-) I had my skin peel done in 2014 and my reason for that was old sun damage. I am so happy with the results and my skin has remained “Sun Damage” free. JoDean is very knowledgeable. The products are amazing and affordable.

Mariaam Viljoen

I am one of those ladies who has been struggling with acne and problem skin since my teenage years. I have also tried most products on the market, and I was loyal to those products for years, none of which worked effectively. I then sought help from a dermatologist in Cape Town, and not even that helped me with the acne and the scars. Finally, just before celebrating my 21st birthday, DermaPro clinical Care was recommended. At this point I was so desperate to try anything and everything. This was the best decision I could have made. The chemical peels worked instantly in gradually healing my acne scars and definitely improving my self-esteem.

Lauren Solomon

Dear JoDean I was in yesterday for my free skin peel treatment. I can’t believe the effectiveness of the glycolic acid on my face, it’s wonderful!!! I’ve never seen such positive results so quick!!!  Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon. Take care.

Patti, Receptionist

Hi There! The peels were great!  My skin felt and looked smoother and healthier after every session.  Before I started the treatment I would never leave the house without make-up, now I feel more confident and I am able to look people in the eye even without make-up on!

Rene, Outside sales Rep.

To JoDean I trust you with my life and more importantly my FACE!!!  Thank for giving me back my youthful  appearance.

Aimee, Actress

Dear JoDean Going for my first treatment I was pleasantly surprised to meet this friendly, elegant and professional lady. The treatment is painless but I did experience a mild transient burning sensation after each treatment. My skin seems to be radiant, much softer, healthier and the wrinkles less noticeable.  Up to now I’ve had 6 treatments. The programme is very affordable. I am very pleased with the results. Family and friends have been complimenting me and I can’t believe the marked difference in my skin. I can fully recommend the dermaPro Clinical Care treatment to anyone wanting to improve the condition and general appearance of their skin.

Sonya, Doctor’s wife

Dear JoDean After many years of visiting beauty salons on a monthly basis and using expensive treatments for example Clarins, Lancome and Nimue, I was introduced to JoDean and the dermaPro Clinical Care range. This is truly the best thing that has happened to my skin. My skin has a glow and radiance that at the age of 45, I thought was impossible.

Lu, Pharmacist